Sunday, March 10, 2013

Craft Show

I did survive the show although I was exhausted when i got home.  I did sell 1 small ornament, 1 rattle and one jar, so the show was semi-successful.  didn't make my table fee but then from talking to other crafters neither did they.  the crowd was halfway decent but from what i saw they were buying cheap.  the lady on one side was selling those kitchen towells that have a crocheted loop to attach the hand towell to one's stove or fridge for $2.50 each or 3 for $5.  she was busy for most of the day.  the guy on the other side was selling hand woven bracelets, dog collars, leashes priced from $5 to $15 and he was relatively busy too although he said it was only a fair day for him.. there was a lot of interest and a lot of people took cards and some even gave me their email addys for a mailing list so....onward and lady invited me to attend another craft show at the Fire Museum in Cincinnati, a ladies night out type of thing with drinks and appetizers, etc. it actually sounds like it could be a fun night.   in no way am i discouraged, disappointed yes, but not discouraged.  i remember doing a spring show way back in the day with stained glass and it wasn't all that successful either so we'll head toward the  fall shows.  i always did well with them.  so i'll just consider this my maiden voyage, take a couple of weeks off, get some of my inventory  loaded onto my etsy shop and make
Oh, i did buy some citrus pealers from the tupperware lady.....ROTFLMAO

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Finish and a!!!

Today is Thursday, I!

Before I start into my rant...I'd like to share a picture of my latest finish.  It's a picture I started a couple of years ago and have only worked on it between all the gkids' stockings.  I finally finished it and am pleased to show the end result hanging on my wall (this makes four cross stitch pictures that are actually hanging in my other umpteen hundred are scattered to the four winds...).  This piece was Designed and published by the Solaria Gallery  Thank you Stoyanka Ivanova for a lovely design to work. The first time I saw the design I knew I had to stitch it!

We know I am many things but a photographer, I am not and never claimed to be.  This was the best picture I could come up with and still there is a spot of light flash glare...Cris, where are you when i need ya...oh yeah, in  anyway, here it is and many thanks to Barbara for the matting and framing.

OK, now to my you recognize my blog if I weren't ranting about something????  Probably not.  I am two days out from a craft show and am still trying to get things together....sigh.  My inventory,  is completed, priced and packed.  I still have to make a bow to put on the diaper cake and determine a price but that SHOULD be easy, right?  I'm still working on getting my displays finished and all the paraphernalia needed to put the table together collected.  Fortunately, I still have a lot of things from my past craft show days still around and have resurrected it.  I still have to unpack the little Christmas Tree to use for display purposes.  Don't know how well Christmas Tree Ornaments are going to go over in March, but here's hoping.

I have about 30 ornaments, 9 ort/snack/you name it jars and a diaper cake.  Hopefully it will be enough to make a pleasing display.  The weather has been really crappy but on Saturday it is supposed to be in the 50's and sunny so hopefully it will entice people to come out to shop and buy.  I'm told there will be 114 crafters at this show so hopefully there will be a lot of crafter friends and family coming.  It is a short show, only four hours, but hopefully it will be a fun one.  I'm looking forward to meeting and talking with a  lot of people and hopefully will sell some.  But if nothing else it will be a rehearsal for the fall shows and I'll know what to change or refine.

Wish me good weather and lots of luck!