Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Craft Show insanity!!

31 days to go before my first craft show in about 13 years and I'm going nuts!  I was working on an ornament the other day and my husband came up behind me and asked: "How's the sweatshop coming?"  Well, as he always says i don't have a sense of humor, I was not amused...sorta...lol.  Here I am 31 days out and only have about 20 ornaments to actually sell and about another half dozen samples, BUT it's coming along.  i still have to dig out all my craft show paraphernalia and see what else i need to get together but I'll do that LATER...lol...probably two days before the show....sigh.....do you get the impression I'm procrastinating  a little bit.  But i really need to get up an inventory, like right now!!!

I have only taken a few minutes to update my blog now because I want to show off a couple of items I'm making for the show.


This first picture is of jars I'm making.  They can be put to many uses.  Put a snack in them  to keep on your desk for quick energy; collect your orts; use the top as a pin cushion; put your small tools and/or threads in them for when you're traveling, put anything in them you wish for a bright splash of color anywhere you need it.  These are half pint jelly jars but the lids can be put on larger jars as they are standard size lids/seals.

These darling baby rattles  (don't make any noise and certainly are not toys and should not be given to small children to play with) worked up so cute and I'm absolutely thrilled with the way they turned out.  these two are gender specific but i will be making some non-gender specific.   My first thought when i created the first one was that it would be cute in a centerpiece for a baby shower.  They can also be used to decorate the bow on any baby gift and can later then be used as baby's first Christmas ornament.  I you don't want to use it as an ornament, simply clip the hanging loop and use it as you wish.  It would look darling on a book case as a memento.   Anybody have any other ideas on uses for these two items, I'd be happy to hear them.

I'm also going to make a diaper cake to sell at the show.  Something like this one, only not as elaborate as this was made for my daughter's baby shower and was specific to her and her baby.

 I used the embroidered panels as quilt blocks for the baby's first christmas gift.  I'll also include a baby rattle ornament to use for the top layer instead of a bottle.