Sunday, February 5, 2012

Still cold but sunny!!!

Didn't accomplish much this past week.  I have lost a book!!!  Yeah, I know I have a lot more but I'm missing a specific book that I only bought in September.  It's an out of print book that I bought used and I KNOW it's HERE!  it's just misplaced...sigh.  when we got new carpeting everything on our first floor got packed up and sent to the garage, including book case contents.  Now this book is missing.  It has taken me four months to get the supplies together that I needed to get started on a project from this book and now it's nowhere to be found.  i wonder if there's a box left out in the garage...hummmm i'll have to check that out.  i did find a box a couple of days ago that had books, mags and craft stuff in it but it didn't have the book i'm looking for ....sigh.

My lily bouquet is coming along nicely.  Still haven't started on the back pack and still have not decided what color floss or what kind of stitches to use on my K.....sigh.  i'm not used to being this indecisive and don't quite know how to handle

Am still trying to clean and organize my stash room.  I am making progress but it's slow going.  i'm in a real blah state at this time.  I wish spring would get here.

 Now that all the baby stuff is finished, it's time to get started on something else but i need that BOOK!!!

I've scanned and listed a bunch of paper back books that need to find new homes and put them on the Books For Sale page.  I'm simply running out of room to store  i plan to put more books up for sale as soon as i can get them scanned and listed.