Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Christmas is coming!

It's been a while since I posted anything, way back to June to be exact.

Although I haven't posted anything I've been very busy.  I'm working on a christmas stocking and have been since March and I'm almost done.  Also been working on a quilt, which is also almost done.

The subject today is Christmas ornaments!   For years I've drooled over the beaded and sequined ornament kits sold at Herrschner's like this one , but have never gotten around to buying and making one.  Just could never decide which one to spend the money on and other crafts have ever been in the forefront.  A while back I stumbled onto this site: .

As I surfed through Alyx' pages I started drooling! And I went shopping for supplies!  Picked up most of the supplies needed but then I wondered if my fingers would hold up to that kind of dexterity...I'm getting slightly arthritic in the fingers and just don't always have the fine motor control like I used to.....something like I don't have the eyes I used to have either.....using a magnifying glass for my cross stitch work is getting close to being the norm these days instead of just a now and then thing....sigh.

Anyway, while surfing on Alyx' site, I came across the Kimekomi section and before I knew it I was ordering a book about it from the library. I've always wanted to make ornaments and have been looking for the best method (for me to do that is) and I think I've found it.  The more I read the more I liked what I I took the plunge and went shopping AGAIN!  

The method is called Kimekomi, pronounced key-may-ko-mee, and I've fallen in love with it!  I've done a couple of the simple designs that were in the book and thought, Hey!  This is kinda fun.  So I started thinking about making ornaments for my gkids instead of buying them.  Used to be I bought them Hallmark ornaments but that's outside my budget these days and I've never really been happy with some of the ornaments I purchased elsewhere so I thought ok, I'll make some Kimekomi ornaments that fit the gkids' interests.

Here is my first completed ornament, the design of which was in the book.  Needs vast improvement on skills but I will get better!

This is using a 3" ball. 

So since I wasn't completely disappointed I went on to think out my own design and here are front and back pics of that ornament!

 This is using a four inch ball.  Still not perfect, but I shall persevere!