Saturday, May 19, 2012

Almost there!

Getting to the end.  Here are all the pieces and parts for my newest box.  It's for my husband's aunt who is turning 90 in June.  The white fabric is a cotteon sateen jacquard.  The red ribbon is nylon.  Originally 2 inches wide, I cut one piece into two pieces lengthwise, sewed the two pieces together and gathered it.  The band going around the bottom of the box was folded in half as the ribbon was very transparent. The hand embroidered rose on the lid is a vintage style.  I ended up not using the gold metallic ribbon.  The red twisted cord is made from Tibizond silk.  I stumbled across a Utube video giving instruction about making your own twised cord at this link  It is not difficult to make and literally only takes seconds to make twisted cord.  It works really well and provides the advantage of being able to match colors with the floss used.

Glueing the ribbon hinge onto the middle of the lid to hold the lid to the box.  The white cord is a simple twised cord purchased from a fabric store. 

Lined with  lucsious red satin with hand embroidered birthday greeting.  I need to glue the upper lid to the box yet and still need to place the red silk cord around the top of the lid.  Almost done though.  All I need to do at this point is to glue the upper lid and twisted cord on top.  Check back in a couple of days for the finished box.

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