Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bible Cover update

Here’s the latest update on the bible cover I’m working on. 

The stitching is complete.  I do not know why the fabric puckered….anybody have a clue.  I stretched the fabric very tight and tried to keep it tight.  I haven’t ironed it yet so maybe the puckers will come out then.

You can’t tell in the photo because the upper portion is a little dark but I used a fiber from the Accentuate line of metallic threads.  I used one strand of DMC floss and two strands of the Accentuate.  It provided a soft sort of gleam not anywhere near as bright as Kreiniks.

I must, at this point, critique the Sticky Fabri-Solvy I used to stitch the design on the fabric.  When I ordered the Sticky Fabri-Solvy, I was very optimistic although a trifle skeptical.  I’ve used Solvy products in the past and was pleased with them.  So I was going for broke when I printed out the design onto the solvy from my printer.  There is adhesive on the back although I did use a basting stitch all around the edges for a just in case.  Well, just in case never happened.  After removing the basting threads I still had to PEEL off the extra solvy from around the design, so the adhesive works well.  I then soaked the piece in a bowl of warm leaning toward hot clear water.  I let it sit for about a half hour then swished it around a little bit and low and behold the solvy was GONE!!!  No hype here folks, it really works well.  There is no stiffness left in the fabric and no bleeding of the printer ink.  The Fabri-Solve comes in 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 inch sizes.  So I give Sticky Fabri-Solvy five stars.  As always though, you should do a test run on the fabric of your choice just in case!

In my search to purchase the solvy I was forced to go on-line as none of the local fabric/craft stores carried it in stock although they carry a large selection of the solvy product line.  That’s when I found Bird Brain Designs.  As I was skeptical and didn’t want to invest in a whole pack of 12 sheets I ordered a trial sheet from Bird Brain Designs .  I am in no way affiliated with Bird Brain Designs, just a satisfied customer.   Although they don’t have it listed on their web-site anymore they did in the past and sent me a trial sheet for $2.00 plus $1.95 for shipping, twice.  I don’t know how long the adhesive would last if you kept the packet around for a long time.  I do know that I will be ordering a packet of 12 sheets to keep on hand as I know I will use this product again.

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