Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sunny and Brisk

The start of a new month and the weather is improving.  Sunny and a brisk 42 degrees....yayyyy!


I'm slowly making progress on the Stargazer Bouquet by Solaria.  I'm about at the half-way point.  This is done on 18 ct aida.  I've just started on a new page of the chart and only have five pages and a bit more to go before the finish.  I really love this piece and when it's finished it'll join the other three pieces I have on my walls.  I've been doing counted cross stitch for oh about 30 years and only have three pieces hanging on my own walls; everything else has been given away as gifts.

The K - Since I goofed when I printed this design on the Sticky Fabri-Solvy and it came out bigger than I wanted it to  I'm now calling it my doodle cloth.  Also I'm experimenting with different stitches and colors to decide what I want to do on the actual design.  The sheen you see on the fabric is actually the Sticky Fabri-Solvy gleaming.  I'm using a cotton fabric with no sheen for the base fabric.

Since I kind of really like the size it printed out to be, I think I'm going to use the size for the actual piece.  I'll not be able to use a hoop though and will have to put it on  stretcher bars or a scroll frame to keep from squashing the satin stitches in the circle.  Although it's an 8 1/2 inch hoop it is too small and moving it around would really mess up the satin stitches in the circle.

The fibers used so far are Floche and DMC stranded cotton floss.  It's my first time using Floche.  I really like it.   So far I've decided on doing the padded satin stitch in the outer ring.  I was at a store called A Stitch Above the other day to buy the floche and the lady suggested I use regular DMC floss as my padding as the floche is  DMC and the colors match the cotton floss colors exactly.  That will cut down on how much Floche I will need to buy for the circle which in turn will cut down on my costs.  The upper section stitched  of the circle was done using Floche as the padding and was using a 24 inch strand.  The lower section was used with three strands of DMC floss for the padding and one 24 inch strand of Floche for the satin stitching.  As you can see the Floche over the DMC went a little farther.  I need help figuring out how much Floche I'll need to buy.  DMC is really good about their dye lots but I don't want to take the risk of getting half way around the circle, running out of Floche, buying more and have it not match.  Are there any math wizzards out there who can tell me how to figure out how many strands of the Floche I'm going to need to use to fill in the entire circle?  That type of math is way beyond my any help in this area is appreciated.

The stems of the flower and the one flower completed are using stem stitch.  I tried a disconnected chain (otherwise known as the lazy daisy)  stitch for one leaf and satin stitch for another and so far I think I'll go with the satin stitch rather than the /chain/daisy.

Haven't decided on any other stitches but do have my colors picked out, FINALLY!  The flowers are going to be the beautiful pink used on the doodle cloth.  The circle with be a lucsious medium dark purple.  The french knots in the flowers are giong be a clear light yellow and I think the K itself will be blue.  I think I want to use a gold metal/mettalic thread as accents on the K and possibly use some gold pearl purl or lizardine for around the K itself.

Haven't decided whether to fill in the background of this design or not.  The diameter of the circle is about 8 1/2 inches so that would be a lot of work.

Anyway, that's it for today.  It's not much of a start, well actually it's not really a start just doodling but considering how indecisive I've been lately at least it's moving forward by baby

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